Mosaic Project:

Grade 6C will be working on a project with a mosaic artist, Davia McMillan.

While the mosaic will be designed around the concept of 'Identity', the details and structure of the design will be decided by the students.

Week 1
The first session was a time for students to conduct some research into the art of mosaics. It was also an opportunity for the students who had worked with Davia in 2008 to teach the inexperienced students in the grade how to safely use the tile cutters.



Research Findings

Week 4 – July 23rd
On Thursday, we have Davia and we do mosaics. We have not started the mosaics yet because first we have to make the bird bath .
We got some wire and we made the shape of a plate that is a little bit deep. We covered it with hessian, then we put chicken wire around it. We were putting the wire around it to combine it together so the bird bath would be strong.
We are going to put concrete on the outside so it will be nice to put mosaics on it and to make it heavy so the little kids won’t make it fall on the ground. We have not started concreting it yet . F.O and N. T.

Week 8 – August 20th
With Davia we have put concrete on the bird bath. Next we are making people on a piece of paper. The people are going to be us. We are going to decorate the picture and then we are going to mosaic the picture and glue it on the bird bath.
By J. W. 6C