Year 5/6 in 2008

This year the grade 5/6 students have experienced many changes. They have moved from traditional lessons with the same teacher for all subjects into 'like minded' groups with different teachers for reading and mathematics. We have also started planning our Writing and Integrated Studies units using the inquiry model. This is providing the students with more opportunities to be responsible for their own learning.


Have a look at how the inquiry process is being used. As part of our terms 3 and 4 unit, we have been looking into Science, an exciting topic that include d a visit to Scienceworks. Have a look at how we came up with our investigations for Science. These investigations were designed purely by the students. We became engaged in the topic through various experiments and we explored and tried to explain different Science concepts. Now we are in the process of taking our learning further. We'd like to thank the Year 5 & 6 students for volunteering to share their investigations.

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Here is a movie on our Lava Lamps. This story was created and edited by the students in 5/6B as part of their exploration into Science

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