Welcome to the 2017 DBCPS5 and 6 WikispaceArea Teachers: 5A - Miss Bassett, 5B - Mr. Smith, 5C - Miss Donnelly, 6A - Miss Falieros, 6B - Miss Thompson, 6C - Mr. Donald, Area Leader - Mr. Hanson

In 5 and 6 we have been focusing on writing adventure stories. During Book Week, all students will present a finished picture story book about the topic 'Escape to Everywhere'. Next week, in Science Week, we will be creating/ building our main characters as puppets using recycled materials.

Our 6+1 Writing Trait focus for the next two weeks is 'Ideas'. Students will be learning how to expand and build on their ideas to make their writing engaging for their audience.



In Year 5 we have been learning how to read, write and represent decimals. We have been improving our written and mental multiplication strategies.

In Year 6 we have been learning about prisms and pyramids. We have constructed a model of our dream home in teams by designing a plan, then building it using cardboard and plastic screws.
Makedo.jpg Makedo 2.JPG

We are improving our number fluency everyday by playing games and practising basic number facts.

Student Leadership

Congratulations to the students who have been elected leaders of the 5 and 6 cohort.

School Captains: Yadu and Zehra
Vice-school Captains: Irm and Mohammed

Red House captain: Shadia
Blue House captain: Irm
Green House captain: Elif
Yellow House captain: Yasir

Welfare Leader: Habsa and Zaynab
Environment Leader: Elma and Jessica
Sport Leader: Yowana
Art Leader: Aisha

We have no doubt that these students will endeavour to be responsible role models.

In grades 4/5 and 6 students have been working on writing speeches and the skills of a speaker. Students constructed speeches for our school leadership positions and then spoke to entire cohort and teachers. Students then voted on who they thought would make the best captains for each of our leadership positions. Leadership positions will be announced shortly where the selected students will be invited to attend a special assembly with their parents.

Inquiry Term 2017
In term 1, year 5 and 6 students participated in the Global Enterprise challenge. Students were expected to create a product, research their market, advertise, and balance a budget. The unit resulted in an exhibition of each group's products, where the students pitched their business ideas to the "shark tank".

In term 2, year 5 students studied Natural Disasters and Climate Change. We visited Ecolinc in Bacchus Marsh, and searched for ways that we could improve our school's approach to sustainability and the environment. We researched different aspects of natural disasters and our changing climate, and presented our findings in presentations to the class.

In term 2, year 6 students studied what it means to be an Australian in a unit called "Australian and Proud of it - Why?" We explored key events in Australia's history, and students presented their findings in group presentations to the class. We went on an excursion to the ANZAC Memorial, to commemorate our fallen soldiers and their impact on our lives.

In term 3, year 5 students are studying early Australian history, and the first peoples of our land. We will be investigating what it means to be a nation, and the impact of the people who used our land before us. We went on an excursion to the Melbourne Museum and explored the Bunjilaka and First Peoples exhibits.

In term 3, year 6 students are studying energy. We are exploring renewable and non-renewable energies, different ways to generate power, and whether or not we can ever run out of energy.