Grade 1

Grade 1 Teachers:
Miss Chen (1A), Miss A (1B), Miss Hazama (1C)

Welcome to the Grade 1 Wiki page! We have been working very hard this term in our area. This term we are learning about the community and different jobs people have to help our community.


During maths, we have been learning how to add numbers by counting on. We have been using a lot of concrete materials to help with our addition and writing number stories.


During reading, the students are working on sounding out words they don't know and using the pictures to help them understand the text they are reading.


During writing, we have been focusing on information reports. The students are learning how to write an information report about someone in their community.


During developmental play, the students are exploring and experimenting with different materials to investigate different community helpers. They are learning to be builders, tailors, farmers, chefs and mathematicians.