GRADE 3 2017
Term 3

In Term 3 we have been looking at point of view. We look at a picture and write a speech bubble about what the character was thinking and feeling.

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We have also been making connections to a text using our prior knowledge. These can be text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world. This week we read ‘When the Snake Bites the Sun.’

“This text reminds me of when I saw a snake at the zoo, because in this book the main character is a snake.” (Grade 3 Student)


In Term 3 we have started writing our own indigenous stories. Our story is based around an Australian animal. We are learning how to create a picture story book. Each page has a sentence. The sentence needs to match the picture. When we are finished, we are going to read them to the preps.


In Term 3 we have been working on odd and even numbers and fluency of basic facts. We have been learning about number fact families. We learnt that 3 numbers can make 2 subtraction and 2 addition problems. We have been measuring reusable containers and measuring the areas of our names.

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In Term 3 our topic is called ‘What a load of Rubbish.’ We have been learning how to recycle and how we can reduce our waste. We have some worm farms at our school that we have been giving the worms the food scrapes. Last week we reused newspapers to make hats and baskets.

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Written By Grade 3 Students

GRADE 4 2017

Term 1
Students looked at activating their prior knowledge, making connections and finding word meaning in context when reading.

The students studied persuasive writing and completed writing tasks, such as, 'Why it is important to eat healthy food' and 'Why I should be a student leader.'
Students presented speeches to apply for students leadership. The student leaders, voted in by the Grade 4 students are: Ayman Obeid and Fatma Mostapha of 4A, Arham Imran and Maushami Kafley of 4B, and Abdu Al Rahim and Cidra of 4C.
Students also studied narrative, with a particular focus on character profiles and the use of 'show, don't tell' adjectives, verbs and phrases to portray emotion.

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The students are learning how to problem solve, with a focus on understanding language and choosing the most efficient strategy. They are learning more about many forms of measurement, such as, length, capacity and mass, and how to graph the data they collect from their measuring tasks, using Microsoft Excel.
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Inquiry Term 1
In this term's Inquiry unit, "We Are What We Eat," students learnt about healthy food. Each student researched questions by finding information, sorting it out and going further by finding more information and details.
Students worked independently, in partners or as a part of a team to collate their research, write a script and narrate their own photo slideshows and films using Microsoft Moviemaker which they narrated using their scripts.
The Grade 4 students were very proud to present their films to parents on Friday morning, the 31st of March, where they showcased their learning and their new skills. It was a fantastic showcase that received rave reviews!

Term 2
This term, students are continuing to practise finding word meaning in context and paraphrasing from their research in Reading and Inquiry. They are looking at making inferences and both questioning and reflecting on the text before, during and after reading.
The students are studying how to write information texts, by looking at text features and structures, such as, subheadings, maps, classifications and conclusions.
The students are currently learning about fractions.

Inquiry Term 1
In this term's Inquiry unit, "Ancient Australia," students are learning more about Indigenous Australia and the true natives of our land.