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Chess club is held every Wednesday at recess in the Red area. All children are welcome to come and learn how to play chess and to play games against other children.
Dallas Rookies 2015A chess tournament consists of 7 games. Each players has 15 minutes to move their pieces so they must keep time using a chess clock. A player receives 1 point for winning a game or 0.5 points for a draw. At the end of the tournament, if two players have the same score, the scores of their opponents (who won other games) are added to their own as a count back. This means that chess is a very friendly game where after you win a game you show your opponents how to beat you! The Rookies have 5 members representing Dallas Brooks CPS at the Open State Finals this year; Sadf, Irm, Zac and Yadu. We also have 3 girls in the Girls State Finals, Sadf, Irm and Sherya.

May Open Tournament
On Thursday 7th May, the Dallas Rookies came 4th in a tournament against 11 schools at Preston Primary School. This is a huge achievement for us and our school. For many of our team this was their very first tournament. This is a huge achievement for us and our school. All students played 7 rounds of challenging Chess. Well done to all of you! A particular congratulations to Yadu who has also qualified for the Open State Finals in Term 4.
Sadf, Chess Captain.
2015 05 07 Open.jpg
The Dallas Rookies

2015 05 07 Particpants.jpg
Winners of 1.5 to 3.5 points
2015 05 07 Credit.jpg
Winners 4-4.5 points
2015 05 07 Distinction.jpg
Winners 5-5.5 ponts
2015 05 07 Finalists.jpg
Open State Finalists

May Girls Only Tournament
On Friday 1st of May the Dallas Rookies competed against 4 teams from Doncaster Gardens and Toorak College Primary Schools in a girls only chess tournament. The Dallas Rookies came in third place and were rewarded with bronze medals. All Dallas Rookies represented our school by showing upmost respect towards their opponents and made friends along the way. Our school is proud of the Rookies' hard work and determination.

Congratulations to all the Rookies and especially to Sadf who took 6th place out of 57 girls!

Sadf, Chess Captain
2015 05 01 third place.jpeg
Third Place!

2015 05 1 Girls Only Funny.jpeg
The Rookie Girls Team

March Open Tournament
The Rookies competed marvellously in their first tournament of the year at Kangaroo Ground Primary School on 26/03/2015. This is a new competition with new rules. This means that instead of the whole team competing for the State Finals, qualification is based on individual merit. There are two finals this year: the Open State Finals and the Girls' State Finals. A hearty congratulations to Zak and Irm for making it to the Open State Finals and to Irm (again!), Shureya and Sadf for reaching the Girls' State Finals by placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd today.

Well done to the whole team for a fantastic effort. Hard work and training really pays off.
03 26 Chess 1.jpg
The Rookies

03 26 Chess 3.jpg
Open State Finalists!

03 26 Chess 2.jpg
Girls' State Finalists!

03 26 Chess 4.jpeg
After a hard day's competition

The Dallas Rookies train after school on Monday and at recess on Wednesdays. Occasionally we are lucky enough to have chess master Danny visit to share his great chess skills with the team. On a recent visit, he played the entire team simultaneously! 2014-05-26 15.37.23.jpg 2014-05-26 15.38.35.jpg
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