Community Support Programs
Dallas Brooks Community Primary School offers a wide range of community support programs. Many of the programs operate out of the school’s Community Hub and are coordinated by the Community Hub Manager, Mrs Marilyn Parker.
Community support programs at Dallas Brooks Community Primary School include:
· Community Hub
· Adult Education
· Prior to school support
· Links to welfare and health agencies
· Pre school education (playgroup, 3 year old kindergarten, 4 year old kindergarten)
· Extra curricula activities for students
· Multicultural Aides
· Literacy Assistants

Dallas Brooks Community Primary School has developed extensive partnerships with government agencies and education providers in our community. The school currently has partnerships with:
· Local government agencies
- Hume City Council
- Hume Global Learning Village
- Hume Early Years Partnership
- Communities for Children
· Philanthropic organisations – The Pratt Foundation
· Tertiary education providers – Victoria University, Melbourne University and Registered Training Organisation (RTOs)

School Council
Annual Reporting Meeting
Multicultural Dinner

The School Council Annual Reporting Meeting & Multicultural Dinner was attended by over 100 people. Families, community members and school staff began the evening with the sharing of food representative of the cultural backgrounds of our families.

Ann_Report_Night09.JPG Ann_Report_Night01.JPG Ann_Report_Night11.JPG

The School Council President Mrs Michelle Thomas, the Principal Mrs Valerie Karaitiana and members of the School Council then spoke to the community about the school's successes.
The evening concluded with teams of teachers from each learning area presenting digital highlights of student work.
Community Hub