DeforestACTION Collaborative Project


The beginning:
The DeforestAction Project began as a partnership between Microsoft,
Taking ITGlobal and six schools from South East Asia:
Video conference with Cathy Henkel - director of 'The Burning Season'

  • Dallas Brooks Community Primary School (Victoria,Australia)
  • Silverton Primary School (Victoria, Australia)
  • Hermit Park State School (Queensland, Australia)
  • Ngee Ann Secondary College(Singapore)
  • Royal College (Sri Lanka)
  • Crescent Girls School (Singapore)

The project now has:
  • Thousands of members
  • Dozens of schools across the world

The ideas:
Each school presented their suggested project focus and action in a video conference.
All the schools voted on the best project.The most popular project was:

A campaign to alert the public to the use of palm oil and the devastating effect it has on the environment.
In 2010 ourSMART GOAL was...
To raise awareness of products that contain palm oil and to research rainforest safe alternatives

Our Actions....
  • Students succeeded in having products containing palm oil removed from the School Canteen
  • Many students are choosing not to have products in their lunches that contain palm oil
  • DeforestACTION groups ‘adopted’ orangutans
  • Students wrote persuasive letters to the School Council, Australian Federal Government and to multi-national companies
  • Students fundraised to support the buy-back of land for an orangutan sanctuary in Indonesia

This year we are:
  • Researching other animals that are affected by deforestation, for example the Pygmy Elephant and the Proboscis Monkey
  • Making links between the Australian animals threatened by deforestation and the endangered animals in Indonesia
  • Looking at ways we can act locally to help fight deforestation; for example planting native trees and plants and not buying palm oil products
  • Fundraising to buy more land for the orangutan sanctuary in Indonesia

How can you help?
You can help by:
  • Signing up to our school’s DeforestACTION Hub
  • Encouraging your friends and family to make pledges on theTigEd website to not buy palm oil products
  • Donating money to help buy back land for the orangutan sanctuary
  • Purchasing items from the school’s online DeforestAction shop
Where is our DeforestAction Hub?
Click on Carlos to learn more about our "Say No to Palm Oil" campaign

Where is our DeforestAction shop?
Examples of items available at our online
DeforestAction shop:

Our World Wrapped Up (in rubbish)
Students in Years 5 & 6 became interested in the concept of carbon footprints while researching deforestation. The video 'Our World Wrapped Up', highlights student concerns about the unnecessary use of packaging in our community.
Click on the photo to view the video

Click here to view the students’ completed DeforestACTION video on Youtube

Click here to view the students' completed DeforestACTION wiki