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eLearning @DBCPS 2015

Makers Program August 2015

It's now term 3 and our Year 5/6 students have had over half a year of working within a "Makers Program' with Mr Mark Dixon. Students have explored using 'Makey Makey' and 'Little Bits' and more recently have completed some projects using 'We Do'. Along the way they have had to learn basic programming using software, such as, 'Scratch' and 'Turtle Art'. In the video below, Mustafa and Baher talk about their learning experiences when designing. producing and testing their 'Makey Makey' guitar.

Makers Program March 2015

In 2015, we are introducing a 'Makers Program' for students in Years 3 to 6. This program includes elements of Design Technology and also provides students with experiences in the field of robotics.

Our students have been busy exploring the use of items, such as, circuit boards and have also begun using basic programming software.

Students are not the only people in our school who have been exploring. Many of our teachers have been testing their skills with the technology equipment too.
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eLearning 2014
2014 has been a busy and exciting year for students and teachers at Dallas Brooks Community Primary School as we have embarked on a range of projects.

One to One net-book program.
Our year started with all students from grades 3-6 having the opportunity to lease a brand new net-book replacing our older fleet of net-books. We had an extremely high uptake of this offer and almost all students have leased the new machines. Each of these devices has a large variety of software and operating Windows 8. Students were excited to receive the new devices and have used them constantly throughout all classes during the year.



DEECD Office 365 Trial Project.
We participated in the DEECD trial project for office 365. Staff were busy establishing accounts for students and working through the process of logging in with students. Professional development for staff was held focusing on 21st Century learning opportunities opening up for our students, in particular, collaboration and sharing. Teachers have been exploring the use of Office 365 by providing opportunities for sharing and collaboration within reading and writing groups.

Global Enterprise Challlenge Project
Dallas is participating in the Microsoft GEC Challenge. The project consists of 10 project teams of 10 students working 4-5 hours a week. To read more about the challenge visit the Global Enterprise Challenge website.
Making our Products

Some of our Products

Advertising and Selling

Virtual Conferencing
During 2014 our students participated in a range of virtual excursions. These were provided through the Sydney Opera House using our conferencing facilities. Some of these excursions included the following topics -
  • Discover the Stage
  • Guwanyi Walama - History of Bennelong Point
  • Significant Australian Places
  • Staging Stories.

Microsoft Education and Our School
Dallas Brooks Community Primary School has had a long and rewarding relationship with Microsoft. We have been involved in various Microsoft partnerships over the years including
  • Partners in Learning - a partnership with DEECD and Microsoft
  • Mentor School
  • Showcase School

Student Work Samples
Stationary World - Stop motion animation using Movie Maker. Created by 5/6 students.

Football Kits - This project developed out the interest of two 5/6 students in the world game. The students decided to design football and present their collection through Photostory3. Drawings were created in art and technology classes. Each piece was photographed and placed into Photostory3 by the students.

Student Voice at Dallas Brooks Community Primary School
Catering for student is important to our school. All the student samples placed on this wiki have been crested by students choosing topics and presentation methods. View the film below to further understand our thinking on student voice.